First post

November 24, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

What is this? I decided to create a blog instead of the static page I was using to link to certain services that I host for myself. Originally I had no intentions of a blog at all, but a few things I want to keep people updated on have changed that. One of those things being launching a Pleroma instance to try and convince friends and family to break away from Facebook and use an alternative that respects privacy, you can find that instance at MaineSocial. My single user Pleroma instance can be found here. If you're not familiar with what Pleroma is visit their site here to learn more. Another thing that I have planned is creating a few basic Android games to submit to F-Droid since I've noticed while browsing that the game selection is rather slacking. The last plan I have is to fork the Husky client (mobile app to connect to instances on the Fediverse) to create a less confusing way for people to connect. This concludes my rambling post.